PPC Remarketing

What is PPC Remarketing & how does it work?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Remarketing is also a form of online advertising, allowing websites to display specifically targeting advertisements to users who may have already visited the website. Previous visitors to these websites will be able to see and have access to these ads while browsing the internet – whether it’s reading news sites, on social media platforms, using mobile apps or watching a YouTube video! PPC remarketing essentially allows businesses to keep their brand top-of-mind for their customers, enticing them to re-visit their website, more and more.

Dynamic remarketing

This is a form of advertising that goes one step further than simple PPC remarketing, and basically includes the specific products or services that were viewed by potential customers. Dynamic remarketing is a highly successful marketing tool as it delivers specifically targeted ads to potential customers, ensuring your business ROI is delivered.  

Professional Paid Search advertisers will ensure the technical steps are carried out to your website, including adding custom parameters to your website’s tag, while also creating a custom marketing feed.